Wearing Galliano dress, Witchery Heels with Snakecharmer shoe clips & Susan Y. necklace 

Last night was the launch of Susan Y. Designs (aka my mother). It took place at Osbourne and Grace gallery at Marina Mirage and it could not have been better. Around 30 pieces of Susan Yacoub's intricately beaded leather necklaces were on display as part of her exclusive collection for Osbourne and Grace Gallery. The night was filled with lots of "Ooooooo I like that one" and "Oh my god! I must have this in my life right now" and "I need it, how much?" To say it was a success would be an understatement. I am so unbelievably proud of my Mum. She has been working in leather and the fashion industry for over 40 years so she has plenty of experience and good ol' stories to tell. 

When she first started getting involved with beading necklace, I immediately requested one, naturally. So I designed a necklace that I thought I could wear during the day and at night that still encompassed the current fashion trends (aztec print and colour). The final product is what I am wearing in these photos. Isn't it just marvellous? Yes it is. I am also wearing my own design on my feets...shoe clips or as I like to call them shoe swag. But more on that topic later. Stick around and keep an eye out on Susan Y. website for updates on the collection and soon you will be able to peruse the entire collection and purchase online. 

The beautiful Susan Yacoub and me

My mum is also amazing at a lot of other things, for example making stunning leather jackets as pictured above. Handbags are also part of her repertoire, but for now I think she is sticking with beaded leather jewelry.


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