Hokay so, this matte trend business has gotten the better of me. I have a problem: if I ever have a choice between matte and glossy, I will immediately choose matte even if it doesn't look as good. WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME? I'm hoping it's just a phase. You have to admit that the matte finish does give off a certain je ne sais quoi that glittery, glossy finishes lack. There's matte jewelry, matte shoes, matte nail polish, matte accessories, pretty much any object can be mattified. Oh and of course let's not forget that you can also mattify your face and hands!
DVF SS 2011

NARS Pure Matte Lipstick in Bangkok 

Yup! But if I'm always opting for this muted finish, does that make me boring? Maybe yes, maybe no, maybe go fug yourself...

In conclusion, to answer my own question (WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME?), the answer is NOTHING. Mattifying pretty much everything does not actually make me or anyone else boring. It is a blessing mainly because these colours maybe bright and bold but they never look cheap and uninteresting. THE END. 

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