I've been thinking a lot about what kind of place I would like to live in once I leave Australia. I've always had a fondness for open spaces and lofts definitely fit this criteria. 

Confession #1: I watch Gossip Girl and have developed an almost obsession (but really, who hasn't?). Confession #2: I'm in love with the Humphrey's Dumbo loft. Confession #3: I'm also in love with Dan Humphreys. 

The giant windows, open plan living and bare walls is the perfect canvas to make a loft a home. One day I would love to have a loft in Brooklyn preferably with a male specimen who resembles Mr. Humphreys. But seriously, Brooklyn is so close to the city but far enough away to get out of the hustle and bustle of city life. Soon enough I will stop dreaming about what I like to call 'my hipster living dream' and start realising...


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