I'm pretty sure the thought, "I wish flats were as flattering and stylish as heels," crosses my mind at least once a day, usually when I'm trying to figure out what outfit to wear. The problem is mainly comfort. We all want to look taller (except if you're already a giant) and we all love the way heels elongate our legs and give us that je-ne-sais-quoi....So why can't flats do the same?

Well here's a few examples of how they actually can...

Studded Converse....yes please!

Love these DKNY sandals via Sincerely, Jules. She is amaze when dressing for daytime. Love love love this casual ensemble.

And for those who love gold anything...they put it on sandals too!

Loafers are like the king of flats: inspired by your grandpa and somehow looks amaze on females too. I was wearing a pair just like these black loafers the other day and my friend told me that they made my feet look small. Jackpot! Definitely wearing them a lot more now.

Elle Ferguson from Theyallhateus definitely knows how to rock a pair of stylish flats with some cut-off shorts. You would think these pointy flat leopard boots only belonged in the 90s, but lo and behold Elle definitely pulls them off here.

The models off-duty are probably the masters at this flat shoe thing. With their thin legs that look good whether their feet are jammed into sky high heels or comfortable in worker-chic boots.

I'm so glad ballet flats made their way from ballet studios to the streets. What we do without those amazingly comfortable plain ballet flats that go with almost every outfit? I don't even want to answer that question...

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